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Wednesday, January 6th 2010

12:32 PM

Father Saved!

I gave my friend a couple of copies of Mark Cahill's book "One Heartbeat Away" www.markcahill.org over the summer, and he sent a copy to his father in Florida who is failing in his health. My dear friends father has been an atheist for years. This book changed his life...here is the response that I received a couple of days ago.... 
"Is not my word like fire," declares the LORD, "and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?" Jeremiah 23:29
"After 70 years of atheism, my father has professed faith in Christ. I visited him last week in Florida and we spent an hour discussing the gospel, the meaning of sin, the person and work of Christ, the need for repentance and faith.  God used Mark Cahill's book "One Heartbeat Away", along with my father's failing health at age 88, to soften his heart and bring him to faith.
He said that intelligent design is irrefutible evidence for the existence of God.
I took him through the Good Person Test. He readily admitted that he is a liar, a thief, and an adulterer/murderer at heart.  He said, "I've broken all of the 10 Commandments."
He asked, "Can God forgive somebody like me, who has spent decades ignoring Him?"
I said "YES!" and told him about the thief on the cross.  He loves that passage now.
God is might to save. God can save anybody. He can soften the hardest heart. 
- Wayne"

May God get all the Praise and Glory...after all HE is the one who saved my friends dad anyway, and Thank You Mark Cahill for such a wonderful book. With the hundreds that we have handed out already who knows what God is doing with this resource.

Until the Nets are Full,
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Monday, November 23rd 2009

6:09 AM

Food Drive

We just had our Thanksgiving food distribution at our church.  We gave food to 75 families and each bag did have a tract of one kind or another.  I personally went on three deliveries with Jeff Wells.  Two of the three got a full Gospel presentation ala WOTM.  The third has attended our church for over a year, but still got a 10 most popular things tract.  The two who received the Gospel were obviously moved.  The first one was in tears as we prayed for her and she said she would definitely come to church next Sunday.  The second went from a cavalier attitude toward her sin to serious contemplation and also said she would come to church.  It was a good day.
Dave Zirkle
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Sunday, November 22nd 2009

7:29 PM

Light's Festival Story from Jessica

Here my group's ( Stacey, Kelly, Mary and I) experience from yesterday...

The initial start was slightly awkward. People were more scarce, and we weren't sure exactly how to start a conversation with someone. So, God led us to someone who wanted to have a conversation with us! We ran across a young man, part of a group of " anti-scientology" radical types. Dressed to be anonymous, with mask, and clothing covered in fake blood!
We walked past him trying to figure out what they were about, and Kelly suggested that we go talk to him. It happened to be the exact moment his group left him, and he was by himself. Kelly took a pamphlet from him, and I started inquiring about what they were doing, about, were they with the scientology church... against it, etc. They were not with any organization, and were not really condemning the scientologist beliefs, but the abuse that stemmed from their teachings. I started asking more on this young man's personal beliefs, What would happen if he died right then? What was on the other side? His answer was that we just died, and that's it. I showed him how creation was evidence of a Creator, just as a building, or painting was evidence of a builder/painter. We talked about if there was a God, who was perfect, holy, and just- would his standard be higher? We discussed the law briefly, and he did admit that if it was based on that he would not be going to heaven. An encouragement came when one of his buddies came to try and pull him away from us, and he declined, wanting to continue our conversation! He said he had been raised christian, but drifted away from it as he got older-and considered himself Agnostic. He had a lot of questions about the people who "weren't raised in christian families" or were across the world, and never heard the name of Christ. In his opinion math and physics were the only absolutes, and God was just not something we can be sure about. We talked to this young man for awhile, and even though we could only see his eyes, the conviction in them was incredible! We ended the conversation encouraging him to seek the truth, to even look in to Creation-science. Stacey gave him a Cahill book, and he thanked us for talking with him. I felt this was an absolute divine appointment, my thoughts keep going back to him. Pray for this un-named young man, that the Spirit would compel his heart to seek the truth.
I think that pumped us up to start handing out more tracts. It was harder to get the people walking by, but people in lines, or sitting down/standing still... took them eagerly. Our next conversation came when Stacey approached three young african american people, Marina & her boyfriend Jamal, and a friend who was hesitant to tell his name. Stacey did a good-person survey with Marina, while the other to listened. Again, they saw they'd be condemned, but initially said they didn't really care if they went to hell. I gave a description of heaven vs hell, if they were real places- and they seemed to change their minds. Stacey explained to them what Christ did for them, so they didn't have to go to hell. Marina's mouth was stopped, and her expression seemed broken by the end of the conversation. We reminded them that 150,000 people died each day, and this was something they should seriously talk about. Please pray that they do!
For the next hour or so we handed out a lot of tracts. I thought the obama millions or the regular millions would go really well, but I actually had a very hard time handing them out. Stacey was giving Christmas cash out left and right, and I soon found that those were going out much better.
Kelly started a conversation with a  27 year old woman, named Sandra Bloom, who was homeless. Kelly was a great example of how to "relate & create" that connection before going into the gospel. Sandra is a professing christian, who knew she was saved by faith through grace, and not by anything she could do. She was in a very difficult financial spot, and her family, which consisted of 12 other siblings, could not afford to take care of her. She had a well put together resume she was trying to give out, earnestly seeking employment. We left her with quite a bit of snacks we had on us, and promised her we'd be in prayer for her.
Kelly stopped to talk with to other's on the streets, Michael and Leroy. They were given Naughty or Nice tracts and we asked if they thought they were good people. Both of these men were hard to have conversations with, due to the massive traffic. We encouraged them to read the tracts, and left them with the last bit of snacks we had. Be in prayer for this men, especially Leroy, who told Kelly he was a very good person and was sure he'd see her in heaven.
We handed out tracts for a while longer, and Stacey did a good person survey with a woman sitting alone on a bench ( whose name I can't recall) They looked like old pals and the conversation went so casually. This woman came from a catholic background, and thought if her good out weight her bad, she'd go to heaven. Stacey went through the entire survey/ gospel message with her, despite a few distractions. Even though the woman had just gone through the law, and seen how she failed God's standard of good, she assured Stacey again if her "good out-weight her bad...." Stacey had to remind her of what they had just talked about, that it was a gift, and there was nothing she can do to earn salvation. She left her with a Cahill book.
Our last conversation came when Stacey felt led to go talk with a group of young teenagers. Katie, Katya, Tom, and Rob.
 Stacey started off with a survey approach, the two girls, being raised in catholic school, did not seem incredibly pleased with us, throwing out comments about being reconciled through sacraments, God loving unconditionally,and other catholic teachings. Coming from a Catholic background myself, I found myself ' jumping in' to the conversation, quoting scriptures to them, explaining the law, and grace vs works. We had to do several courtroom analogies, to help them better visualize a criminal before a judge, for them to finally agree they had broken the law, would be held accountable, and would go to hell. The two boys were very convicted, especially Tom, who seemed to be answering all of our questions. Stacey gave them a Cahill book also. Be in prayer for this group of young people!
I personally found it much more challenging than a booth, not in a discouraging way, but in something I need to be more active in doing. I trust that God led us to exactly who he wanted us to talk with, and that he can work powerfully through the many, many tracts that were given out!
To Him be all the glory!
~Jessica Gorecki

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Wednesday, November 4th 2009

5:26 AM

November Mall Witnessing

God blessed us with the opportunity to share with these people at the mall. Please help us pray for them.
Steven and David - 2 Marine recruiters who admitted that the thought of life after death have been on their minds. Steven grew up Catholic and David didn't have much of a religious background. They said that "being a good person" and "doing good stuff" will hopefully get them into heaven. After presenting the law, they realized that they were "not good" and headed for hell. Steven became really convicted and was concerned. We shared the gospel and told them that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. Christ did it all. We then talked some more about repentance and faith alone in Christ. They appreciated us talking with them. We encouraged them to read their bibles starting with the book of John. We prayed together and they left with  gospel tracts.
Anthony and Irma - Irma(mom) walked off but Anthony stayed. Anthony had been released from prison the day before on theft charges. He admitted to being really familiar with the court scene and with the sentencing from a judge. He wanted to know more! He didn't know how to keep out of hell. He wanted to know the good news. We shared with him how he can be transformed and become a child of God. He wants a new life and admitted that our meeting was no coincidence. We gave him a bible and asked him to read the book of John. He said he would and also said that there is nothing keeping him from surrendering to Christ. We encouraged him and prayed together, for him and for his mom.
Juan and Juan - 2 friends that were hanging out at the mall. Raised catholic, they said that "being a good person" will get them into heaven. We went through some commandments since they agreed that the 10 commandments is the standard of goodness. After failing terribly they realized that they were in trouble. We shared the true gospel of Jesus. They became humbled and said that they want to follow Christ. We gave them some bibles and gospel tracts. They had never read from the bible but were going to start with the book of John. They asked us for prayer - for their families and for their salvation. They were so thankful,  they also admitted that our meeting was not random. They were on their way to a store but for some reason they walked the other way and there we were.
We tried talking to 2 women who were really bold in their affection for each other. They didn't want to talk to us but thought the million dollar bills were cool and accepted them. Hope they read them.
Thank you for your prayers,
--Annette, Mary, and Adella.
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Thursday, October 15th 2009

7:51 AM

Still @ the Mall!

We continue going to the mall just about every week,  just haven't been reporting. Here are some prayer requests.

Last week 10/07/09:

Carol, Mary, and Annette met @ the mall in Merrillville. Had a blessed time sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Please pray for:
Nicki, Tara, and Katie
Ryan, Steve, and Amanda
Eunice, Jackie, and Sarah
AJ and Tony
Jurelle and Kristina
Jordan and Mark
This afternoon 10/14/09 was another beautiful day! Just amazing how God leads us to the ones who need to hear His good news.
Mary, Melissa, and Annette met @ the mall in Merrillville.
Please pray for:
Chuck, Aaron, and Joe - College students who were eager to participate in our survey. They knew 9 of the 10 commandments. When asked if they were "good people", Chuck right away said "NO" and the other 2 said "yes". Chuck said that he was a real bad person and because of that he was going to go to hell. He was not concerned since that is where he wants to go. He shared with us that he loved his grandfather SO much and is sure that he is now in hell because he was a really bad person. He died a few years ago and wants to be with him again. He said that if he was to go to heaven it would be hell for him not to have his grandfather there and being in hell with him would be heaven.(WOW) God gave us the verses and words to say to this man. The thing that opened his eyes a bit was when we told him that people still have a chance of getting saved even in their last minutes of life. Aaron said that he was once in a baptist church getting ready to become a deacon and something went bad and he didn't get the position, since then he doesn't want much to do with church. We pleaded with him not to be discouraged and asked him to read his bible again, he said he would. Joe said that he owns a bible but that he is not christian. We talked about repentance and faith in Christ for salvation. They accepted our tracts and we prayed for them.
Krissy, Chey, and Nicki - 3 high school girls dressed in their catholic school uniforms knew all of the 10 commandments. They knew of Jesus and of His death on the cross for sinners, they said they have faith and that they have applied the blood of Christ to them. They agreed with everything we were saying. Finally, we used an analogy with them. (Coming out of catholicism and growing up in catholic schools I had to make sure they understood.)  We asked them that if they were to go to the White House and at the gate ask to visit with the President because they knew him would they be let in? The whole world knows our President. What would the guards say?? What would the President say? Does he know them?? We shared with them Matthew 7:22 So many know of Jesus. When you are at His gate, will He know you? Will you be let in? They became so convicted and realized that they probably wouldn't be let in. They are trusting in other things to get them in. We shared the true gospel of Jesus Christ. They said that they would read their bibles that the school gave them. We told them to start with the book of John. They accepted our tracts and we prayed together.
Chris and Mike - Brothers who were celebrating the release (of Mike) from jail. He had been released last night and was happy to be out. He had been in prison on drug charges. Chris was soon to be in front of a judge to be charged of his crimes. They understood the court scene and said that God would be much more fair and just. They admitted that they were headed for hell. They were convicted of their crimes against God and were concerned. We shared 2Cor5:17 along with the Gospel. They accepted our books of John and our tracts.
Roger - He called us over to him! A crack addict who ???? I can't even explain how lost he was. His eyes were so sad. He knew of the bible (but twisted)  and once watched Mel Gibson's movie about Jesus. He kept saying that Jesus was a lord. He kept on rambling on about things. We spent quite some time with him. Finally, we just read to him starting with John 1:1. We shared the gospel and spent some time in prayer with him. We prayed for his freedom from addiction and that God may reveal Himself to him. We gave him a bible that he was very thankful for and on our way out of the mall we saw him reading it.
Please be in prayer for all of these people.
God Bless you

Annette Patino

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Tuesday, July 28th 2009

6:32 AM

Indy Evangelism Conference

(Here is the VHS tape and the man who started it all back in 1998! Or should I say it was all started for the love of the Lord, but this man Ray Comfort is what sparked a fire in me to reach the lost.)

Several of us from Good Messengers Ministries of Northwest Indiana went to our sister ministries Evangelism Conference on July 24-26, 2009.  Those who attended were, Sue Raven, Carol O'leary, Brett Burbage, Hugh Harper, Jen Van Der Weide and Doug Van Der Weide. The conference took place at Bethesda Baptist Church in Brownsburg, In. ( http://www.ebethesda.org/ ). Over 100 churches, and ministry organizations were represented at this conference.  The guest speakers for this conference were Ray Comfort and Mark Spence from Living Waters Publications / Way of the Master.  Ray spoke 4 times at the conference on..."How to get on Fire for God, How to Overcome Fear, The Atheist's Six Sense, and the Battle for the Lost. " Mark Spence spoke twice on..."The Lost Moral Dilemma, and 5 Effective Ways to Reach the Lost." I can not expound on all that we learned during the speeches but I will tell you that a lot of this information will flow into upcoming Way of the Master Evangelism courses being taught by us.

There were many, many testimonies on how this teaching has impacted people and how they use the law in witnessing. I was fortunate enough to be able to share a short 10 min testimony of how I was  introduced to "Hell's Best Kept Secret," and how for the past 11 yrs God has been building Good Messengers Ministries in Northwest Indiana. I was also able to share how God put this ministry together and what God has done through this ministry over the past year.

There were many display tables present such as "Living Waters Publications (www.livingwaters.com) , The Board the Movie, One Million Tracts (www.onemilliontracts.com)  and Good Messengers of Indy. Many books, tracts, literature and DVD's were available. I will say that A LOT of people were talking about a small booklet written by Jon Speed called, "Evangelism in the New Testament." The booklet is Very inexpensive... around $3.50 http://shop.onemilliontracts.com/product.sc?categoryId=16&productId=105 and is a short read...around 41pgs but it is PACKED with information and is a VERY encouraging book. I would recommend that anyone who has a passion for the lost must read this short booklet!!!

During one of several of the breaks they showed "The Board Movie" which is a wonderful Gospel Presentation. This movie is now going to be picked up by TBN Network and put on public television for national broadcast! Please be in prayer because they are also working on the sequel. Jen was very excited to be able to talk to all of the cast members in person. http://www.boardmovie.com/ I was also encouraged to talk to one of the directors during lunch, and to voice my opion about the "decisional prayer" that is presented at the end of the film. Only to find out that in the newer releases this "decisional prayer" will be removed. That was the only thing holding me back from ordering copies of this movie to hand out to non-believers.

During lunch we were able to get to know Wayne Davies who is about to start Good Messengers Ministries of Fort Wayne Indiana (www.good-messengers.com). Please be in prayer for him and this New Ministry. We were able to share "war stories" with him and hopefully able to get him started in the right direction! We are very encouraged at how God is opening so many doors.

After the conference on Sat. there were several who went out witnessing at Allstate 40 race and in downtown Indy, and also again early Sunday morning.

Mark Spence preached Sunday morning at Bethesda Baptist Church (where the conference was held), and Ray Comfort preached at E. 91st Christian Church (http://www.east91st.org/). Jen and I met some old friends (Paul & Darleen Theaker & family) at the East 91st street church to hear Ray preach. I thought my church was big (we attend Bethel Church www.bethelweb.org), but found out there are some VERY LARGE churches in the country. Ray did a wonderful job of presenting the gospel and also encouraging Christians to step out of their comfort zone to witness. They had three service (we went to the second) and they sold out of his material in the first service!

One thing that was the most encouraging was to be in a room filled with people who have the same passion for the Lost and also for the preservation of the Biblical Gospel message. We met people from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Atlanta, Michigan, and Florida. I even remember one older lady (in her late 60s) found out about the conference, and signed up. She went out at purchased a GPS and drove by herself to attend. Nothing was going to stop her from attending that conference. She has such a passion, and AGE means NOTHING when it comes to sharing Christ!!! It was also encouraging to know that most of us have the same struggles such as we come from non-evangelising churches. Sadly , very few churches are evangelisic in the biblical sense, or in any sense at all. I believe this is why there are so many parachurch ministries such as us, and we really shouldn't exist. But God is sovereignly raised up parachurch ministries  to meet the needs of equipping Christians to share Christ Biblically. God has also kept a remnant of believers all around the country who have a passion for "contact evangelism," and who are not only teaching it but putting it into practice! 

All I can say about this weekend is that, "Iron-Sharpens-Iron" and you better look out because my blade is SHARP!!!

Until the Nets are Full,

Doug Van Der Weide


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Monday, July 27th 2009

9:06 PM

Personal Example: The Good Person Test

Download Front & Back Cover: http://goodmessengers.org/handouts/evangelismsurveycover3.doc
Download Inside of Good Person Test: http://goodmessengers.org/handouts/EvangelismSurvey3.doc
I'd like to offer thanks to God for The Good Person Test tract and share how God used it over the past few days. As soon as I saw it on the GMM-NWI website, I couldn't wait to start using it! So when I got home on Sunday from the Way of the Master Conference with Ray Comfort, I printed out a bunch of them on my printer and headed for a nearby Fort Wayne city park. God gave me 4 divine appointments over the next 2 hours -- I talked with 4 people in a row who were wide open to the gospel, and I found that tract immensely helpful in staying on track and avoiding/minimizing rabbit trails. Yesterday I went to the Allen County Courthouse at lunchtime -- there's a nice little park right next to the courthouse, with many employees on their lunchbreak sitting on park benches. I started witnessing to the first guy I saw, using the million-dollar bill ("if I gave you a million dollars, would you quit your job?") and The Good Person Test tract, and we talked for 30 minutes. I love this tract! 
I've used the WDJD approach many times, usually by handing someone a copy of the 10 Commandments on a business card (which folks also like and appreciate), but this survey approach is great!
So my compliments to whoever created The Good Person Test tract, and my thanks to GMM-NWI for putting it on the website and making it so easy to download, customize and print out.
Keep up the great work!
Grace to You,
Wayne Davies
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Sunday, July 12th 2009

12:20 PM

Dyer Freedom Fest & Cedar Lake Fest

Good Messengers Ministries of Northwest Indiana participated in two Fests back-to-back…Dyer, IN Freedom Fest ( June 25-28 ) & Cedar Lake, IN Fest (July 2-5). Both Fests ran 4 days and ran 10-12hrs per day. We bought and gave away New Testament Bibles, "One Heart Beat Away" books by Mark Cahill, many booklets from Answers in Genesis and RBC ministries, as well as some pretty cool tracts. There were many people who were hungry and eager for this stuff. Also, the Children’s Hunger Fund donated over 1,000 bottles of Gatorade to hand out and it helped us to compel people to participate.

Most importantly we took hundreds through the "Good Person Test":

http://goodmessengers.org/handouts/evangelismsurveyinside2.doc At each event we have done we learn what does and doesn’t work.

Pictures from both of these events can be viewed at:



We had many good conversations about the Gospel at the Dyer Fest ( June 25-28 ) . Often individuals would come to the tent just to get a FREE Gatorade® but after taking the "Good Person Test" they were so convicted that and appreciated what we had to tell them that they often forgot about the FREE cold drink (and it was HOT outside). One person in particular was a young teen who had just lost his mother from cancer. Tracts and Gatorade were even given to the carnival workers. Many, many, many conversations like this took place at this event. We saw a large amount of people had a Catholic background that based their salvation on the fact that they would go to purgatory and work things out then. Most people were gracious and thankful for what we had presented to them.

There were many "seekers" that were on the pursuit of "the truth" and to these we gave Mark Cahill books to. One such person was a Muslim whom we witnessed to and was interested in learning more. He said that God gives light and that it was his responsibility to meditate on the light that he was given. He was very thankful for the book. We also gave him a booklet from RBC ministries that explained how he could be sure he was "Accepted by God". He knew that God was merciful AND just and was interested in learning how He could be both of these while at the same time forgiving him of his sins.

At about 3pm on Sunday, a woman came by with her little girl (probably about 6 years old). The woman was drunk and could hardly talk without slurring her words. She came to our booth and we ministered to her. The person sharing with her was a drunkard when God got a hold of them and was able to testify how God can save her not only from the penalty of her sins but from the bondage of her sins. She was moved to tears and wanted just that. She was eager to take booklets about "Addiction" as well as tracts and a NT. Due to the ever-present celebrity deaths (Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, and Billy Mays) we were able to use these as springboards to talk about life and death. We also had a couple that drove over to Michael Jackson's birth home in Gary, IN. and started handing out O'bama bills (wish we had the new Michael Bills...they weren't out yet... (Purchase them at:  http://www.livingwaters.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&category_id=8&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=389&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=199  )After reviewing the event we noticed that some people would skirt our booth because of the "Prayer Station" banner…so we changed things up at the next event (the following weekend)….


When it came to the next weekend, which was the Cedar Lake Fest (July 2-5), we changed the Booth to a "Good Person Test Booth" with HUGE results. We had a little over 500 surveys printed and only 117 were left which means in this 4 day event we went through 383 "Good Person Tests" (gospel messages), and often we shared the gospel with multiples of people. Everyone and anyone was taken through the gospel…local police and even the Cedar Lake Fest mascot "Boomer" (a firework) was given the Good Person Test (http://goodmessengers.org/prayerstation/cedarlake/cedarlakefest38.JPG). Again, carnival workers were given Gatorade® and tracts. A couple from our group also put "Parking Ticket" tracts (http://www.customtractsource.com/Parking-Ticket_p_68.html) on cars but were told by local law enforcement not to do that anymore. We had to remove around 50 tracts but several hundred were already placed on cars. (Tract Tip: When using this tract make sure to place it on the passenger's side of the windshield. Many local laws restrict you from placing this tract (flyer) on the drivers side of the windshield. If you have any questions make sure to check your local city and state laws before using this tract.) There were many serious conversations and reports of people broken before the Lord. There were also many Atheists and Agnostics who struggled with what we were presenting.  We had two gentlemen (at different times) that had just been released from the Lake County Jail (both still had their wrist bands on). One of the unique things is we had three groups of people who had never been told what Jesus was all about…they had heard of the name Jesus (and were familiar with His relationship to church), but were unfamiliar with what and who He is! It is AMAZING that there are people in American that don’t even know who Christ is? We often think of those who haven’t heard about Jesus to be in other countries…but NOT in American. We also offered a FREE Gatorade® (donated by Children’s Hunger Fund) to anyone who completed the Good Person Test. We had 36 cases for the Cedar Lake Fest and 8 cases were left. We gave away FREE Bibles, Cahill Books, RBC & Answers in Genesis booklets, literature and fun gospel tracts. We also gave away FREE stuffed animals to children. Often Christians are portrayed as wanting something, or pushing their church and we had the desire share Christ and to give back. In no way did we push any particular church or even our organization. Often at these events we just told people how we are a bunch of Christians from different churches who get together to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Most people were impressed and respected our honesty and they opened up their hearts even more.

Please Pray For:

The list of those to pray for is too HUGE to even display, but God knows who these people are. Please pray that the ground that was plowed and the seed that was planted would be watered by our Lord, and that these people would see their need for a Savior. Please pray for the following people listed above and the small amount of people listed below (please note we could not post everyone)...

Cody- Dad is in jail (became saved in jail). Dad is also working on son.

Debra- claimed to be Christian but just confesses sin, believes in purgatory.

Mark/Cathy- really thinking about life & death and Christ.

Heather- STRONG atheist w/ three daughters. Believes Bible is bunch of bunk, and that Christianity is a hoax.

Ashley/Shawn- Disabled teens. Shawns mom told him he is going to heaven because he is disabled.

Amilio- Talked to his sister (Spanish) at Uncle Johns Flea Market. This is an answered prayer Amilio became saved! We have been praying for him. He is very sick on dialisis.

Mike & Sarah- Agnostic/Atheist believes Bible is NOT true, written by man, and that Heaven and Hell are NOT real.

Jerod, Josh and Mike- never went to church. Heard of 10 Commandments couldn't name one of them. Heard of Jesus but didn't know who HE is?

Amanda- VERY broken by the law and you could see the Holy Spirit working within her. She was brought to tears.

Terry / Vicki - sick of catholic church, always looking for money. Very interested in what we were presenting.

TJ- young boy who never heard of Jesus or 10 Commandments

Randy/Lesslie- Believes in God but not ready to give life over to Jesus, and also not sure that God would send anyone to Hell.

Savanah- VERY convicted. Could tell her heart was broken and she is ready for the Lord.

These are just a sample of the conversations we had in two weekends. Who knows how much seed was planted for our Lord? Please pray for the unknowns not listed as well.

Those who participated in these two events include:

Rolando & Annette Patino (Sofia), Brett & Jen Burbage, Sheryl & Gary Sprague, Pastor Mike Matiscik, Pastor Tim & Patty Rezak, Doug & Jennifer Van Der Weide (Zack, Sarah, Allison), Mel Huitsing, Carol O’Leary, Sue Raven, Mary & Jon Dykstra, Sarah Masters, Rose Topp, Jessica Gorecki, Hugh Harper, Courtney Synder, Karen Tiemens, Jason & Jessica Peak, Lynn & Katlyen Beilfuss, Mark & Rachel Gaertner, Carol Webb, Carl & Jean Rinkovsky, Christi Cadence (and grandaughter), Dave & Teresa Hasty, and Pam Robertson.

 Until the Nets are Full,

Doug Van Der Weide

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Friday, June 19th 2009

8:12 PM

Crown Point Corn Roast Witnessing


Carol O'Leary & Dianne Morrison went to the Crown Point, Indiana "Corn Roast" to witness. Here is there report...

"We were only at the Corn Roast from 4:30 to 6pm.  There were not a lot of people at that time We tried to concentrate on putting tracts into as many hands as we could, since we knew we would have to cut it short and leave earlier than planned, because bad weather was moving in.  Walked around the court house twice and went through the corn roast area numerous times.  Would have loved to stay longer to pass out more tracts and have more time for the opportunity to actually talk to people.  I handed out the "Freedom Cash" million dollar, and Dianne passed out "Star Warsmillion dollar to teens/preteens, and she asked them if they would "like to check out their 'dark side'".  They were great tracts that caught peoples attention, and every person we handed a tract to gladly took one except for one person.  We told people to be sure to read the back, and that they were a "gospel tract".  It was interesting to watch some of the people stop and take time to read the back after we walked away!  Pray that those who received tracts will read them, and their hearts and minds would be opened to God's saving grace.  It was a good first event for us "newbies" to street witnessing to pass out tracts at, after having recently completed your 9 week spring "Way Of The Master" course! "

- Carol O'Leary

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Monday, June 1st 2009

10:09 AM

Uncle Johns Flea Market Prayer Station 5/30- 5/31

Good Messengers Ministries went to Uncle Johns Flea Market on 5/30 and 5/31 from 5am-4pm

Those who attended were:  Zack Van Der Weide, Doug Van Der Weide, Mel Huitsing, John Dykstra, Mary Dykstra, Rose Topp, Lynn Beilfuss, Carol O'leary, Sue Raven, Carol Webb, Shelly Crannor, Lindsey Cranor, Mary, Dawn Czuba, Bill Harper, Annette Patino, Rolando Patino, Brigette Deel, Jessica Gorecki and Maxine Evans.

Pictures from this event can be found at: http://www.goodmessengers.org/prayerstation.htm

We were in a VERY dark place and I believe we let our light shine. 1st day started off very hard as Zack and I began to set up you could feel the tension around us from the other vendors. They also began to talk about us behind our backs. I guess no mater where we go we are not always going to be welcomed with open arms.  Many coversations took place on the first day and I believe just about everyone at Uncle Johns was at least offered a gospel tract...even the displaying vendors. The above staff in attendance did a fantastic job. Day 2 (Sunday 5/31) by far was the best day. All the spots in the flea market was sold out in fact they had to send vendors away. The projected attendance was around 1,500 people and they stated that they received around 2,500-2,700 people on Sunday. We were able to go through many, many, many gospel presentations using "The Good Person Test."  We also ran completely out of Mark Cahill books, and went through thousands of tracts plus a good amount of english and spanish tracts and bibles. The list of people to pray for would be too large topost all of them but some of the stories are listed below. I am very proud of the group and for their courage in witnessing at this event. This has been by far our most productive event where the gospel was presented, tracts were handed out and many, many people were being prayed for.

Please take a moment and pray for the following people... Tracy (16yrs old) possibly going to jail because she ran thru a stop light and killed someone without insurance, Jim Thornberry strugglin with Christianity and God (received a Cahill book). Rose Topp talked to an unknown man for a LONG time who is stuggling with God and that the Bible is true, Pat who is a believer but is worried about her grandkids, Amilo who lives in Mexico and is sick on dialisis (sister didn't speak english...used translator), Ken who took Good person test was very convicted (has Cahill book and Bible), Dale confused about Jesus Christ and was convicted of the Law on his heart, Jim also convicted of the law when he took Good Person test.Carol O'Leary and Sue Raven had a conversation with a vendor named Louie who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus (they gave him Cahill's book), Carol and Sue also had a long conversation with Manu who is a muslim...Manu believes we are trusting in a false book and gospel and that we are bound for hell, Jessica Gorecki had a very interesting conversation with a young man named Jesse who was abused at home...he was convicted by the law and later brought his brother back and Zack VanDer Weide shared the gospel with him as well.  Mike & Linda..mike has catholic background and doesn't believe God will send anyone to hell and that this is hell...linda (his wife) who has a baptist background wants Mike to know the Lord...mike was very hard-hearted, Bob who is struggling with addiction, Harold Web who is a retired (40yrs) evanglist pastor who has health issues, Myda & family (Catholic) believes they can earn their way to heaven, James & Richard these two men had me take them through the Good Person test come to find out they are Christians (confirmed through repentance and faith) who were playing with me...I convicted them to go out and share their faith with others, Felix young man whom the law broke and I believe may have went home to get right with the Lord...you could see the holy spirit convict him of his sins and I believe he realized that he needs Jesus for salvation, Awman & Arwa (children: Raed, Reema, Husam) who spoke Arabic and are Christians...they have a goal to reach Muslims for Christ and may be working with us to translate www.GotOurTract.com site into the Arabic language. Please also pray for Jose & Maria, Arturo, Andres, Maya, Liz, Donny & Jeremiah, Donna, Betty and LeRoy, Hazel, Larry, Jean, Calvin and Wanda, Lucy and Andrea. 

This is just a short list of all the wonderful conversations we had with people over the weekend.

Until the Nets are Full,

Doug Van Der Weide

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